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Required Registration Documents



1-The original High School Equivalency Certificate, (It can be taken from the Ministry of National Education of Turkish Republic or Turkey's Foreign Representatives in foreign countries)


2- The original High School Diploma or Turkish Translation approved by Notary or Turkey's Foreign Representatives


3-The original Transcript (Note Status Document) and Turkish Translation of Transcript approved by the notary or Turkey's Foreign Representatives in foreign countries.


4- Turkish Translation of passport page (personal information and validity of passport) approved by the notary or Turkey's Foreign Representatives in foreign countries


5- 2020 YÖS result document.


6- Bank receipt showing tuition fee for 2020-2021 academic year.


Click here to see the amount of Tuition Fees. You will be directed to the Bank by the Student’s Affairs Office when you arrive for exact registration process at University.


7- Educational Visa from Turkish Embassy from your country or nearest country.


8- Photograph (6)


9- Copy of ID for Turkish Citizens


10-Certificate of identity register copy for foreign nationality by birth, then dual nationals of Turkish Republic


11- Copy of the document the rights given by Law No. 5901 (Blue Card).


12- Exact registration will be done between the dates 08-09-10 September 2020 by of Student Affairs Office. Any kind of registration will not be taken (except for additional placement) rather than the application dates. The students, who do not finish registration process on application dates, will lose their rights for registration.