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1. Look through the application requirements.

2. Look through your preferred department’s quota.

3. Before you start your application on Online Application System, please determine your preferable departments. Remember that you can choose 5 departments at most.

4. When you pay your application fee, make sure that the bank cashier write your name on bank receipt.

5. Application fee is not refundable and it cannot be considered as tuition fee.

6. Before you start your application on Online Application System, make sure that your application documents your computer. These documents will be required on your application.

7. Each email address is valid for one application; other candidates cannot use the same email address for application.

8. Fill all the necessary information on the application form.

9. Click here for online application form


If there will be (any) additional quota, do not miss the dates, 13-14 September 2018 for application. Additional quotas for application will be for the students whom have already applied between the dates 01-22 June 2018, and have accepted applications but cannot be settled any department on these dates.